JSC Result 2019 Published Date All Education Board

This year’s Junior School Certificate (J.S.C) exam will be held from November.  The education board authority already published the result date on 31 December.

When Will Publish JSC Result 2019

JSC result 2019 date not announced so far by Bangladesh Education Board. The Education Ministry confirms that the JSC result in 2019 published within 60 days after finish the exam.

The previous all JSC Result published in December. Let’s see all the previous Jsc result published date and time.

Check JSC Result 2019 With Marksheet

How many students Attend in Jsc Exam 2019

There were 1,341,374 students who took part in Jsc Exam 2019 Bangladesh. There were 606,293 boys students and 5,35,081 boys students. In the JSC exam, this year increase the attention of 128,793 students. Last year 1,012,581 students sat on the Jsc exam hall. The Education Minister Nurul Islam Nahid said a media conference that

“924,171 students are taking part in Jsc exam under the eight general boards 107,557 students under the Madrasah Board 104,669 students under technical board and 4,977 students under the DIBS (Diploma in Business Studies).”

The exam was also held five overseas centers name Doha, Abu Dhabi, Jeddah Riyadh And Tripoli. While, there attended 202 students, 91 boys, and 111 girls.

By the way, it observed that the participation of students in public exam is increasing day by day.

How To Get JSC Result 2019 With Number

Online is an easy way to find your results. To get yore result firstly go to your browser. In the search box type, www.resultofbd.com/jsc-result-all-education-board/ and press enter. Now, you come to the website name Result of Bangladesh. On this page, you will find a frame like this. In this frame, you will find an examination option. Then Click the examination option and under the examination click hsc/alim, hsc/vocational or hsc/bm. next step is the select year 2019, select your board, put your roll and registration number, and fill up the captcha. Finally, above the instruction you can be done properly you will get your result. You also found in our website PSC, SSC and also HSC results.

SMS Process

JSC result 2019 also available on SMS. SMS is the fastest and easy system to know the JSC exam result 2019 With full number without trouble. Because, when will publish the jsc result the official website www.educationboardresults.gov.bd server is sometimes down or not work properly due to a heavy load. On the other hand, huge visitors come to the official website to find their www.jsc result 2019.com. It’s may down the server.

To get your result by SMS send a message to 16222. Follow the instruction given below.

SMS Format For General Board

JSC <space> 1st Three Letter Of Your Board <space> Your JSC Roll Number <space> 2019 and send it to 16222 number.

An Example: JSC DHA 1489973 2019 ( send to 16222 )

SMS Format For Madrasha Board

ALIM <space> MAD <space> Alim Roll number 275433-879977 <space> 2019 and send it to 16222 number.

An example: ALIM MAD 167852 2019 and ( send to 16222 )

SMS Format For Technical Board SMS format

JSC <space> TEC <space> Your Roll number 452387-986587 <space> 2019 and send it to 16222 number.

An example, JSC TEC 127650 2019 ( send to 16222 )

Note: [ While you send a message to 16222 you will be charged 2.44 TK per message. ]

Education Board Name Shot Code
Dhaka Education Board DHA
Chittagong Education Board CHI
Comilla Education Board COM
Jessore Education Board JES
Rajshahi Education Board RAJ
Dinajpur Education Board DIN
Sylhet Education Board SYL
Barisal Education Board BAR
Madrasha Education Board MAD
Technical Education Board TEC

How To Check Jsc Exam Result By Android APP

Check www.JSC result 2019.com BD by the android app is 3rd way after SMS. All smartphone users can use this service. To check the result you must download an android app. Teletalk Bangladesh Limited has published an android app on google play store. You can easily install the app on google play store. The app name “BD Results Official App”. Follow the Instruction to install the Android app.

app link: BD Result Official App.

What you need before check your result on Android App

  • Sign up or sign in to google play store.
  • Connected your phone to an internet connection.

BD Result Official Android App Download Instruction

  • Go to google play store.
  • In the search box search “BD Result Official App”.
  • Find the APK version of the app.
  • Download and install it.

Congratulations, you have successfully install Bd Result Official App. Just follow the process and instruction of the BD Result Official Android App. You may probably ask your examination, roll and passing year. If you provide all the necessary information correctly you will be seen your result.

(Junior Secondary Certificate) JSC exam results 2019 with mark sheet number will found in 8 general board and Madrasah and Technical or Vocational board. Each board published its result by its local site. Now Result of Bd 24 helps you to find JSC 2019 result board wise.

Dhaka Board JSC Result 2019 With Number

Dhaka Board JSC result 2019 with marks sheet number published also the same date above the description. This is the largest board where attends the highest students in 2019 JSC examination. The official website of Dhaka Board published download Dhaka board Jsc result 2019 download pdf on their site http://dhakaeducationboard.gov.bd/.

To get JSC result 2019 Dhaka Board full marksheet download on online click here www.dhakaeducationboard.gov.bd


JSC <Space> DHA <Space> 1434587 <Space> 2019 send to 16222

Dhaka is the capital of Bangladesh which is under the Dhaka division. In this year Under Dhaka Education board, there is 3 lakh 37 thousand examinee takes part in this exam. Dhaka Board Result with Marksheet 2019 published at 2:00 PM. Sometimes www. Dhaka board JSC result 2019 download pdf with marks and number published a few times ago from their local website Dhaka education board.gov.bd. For SMS you are eligible to get your result with mark sheet number at 2:00 PM.

Note: You will be charge at 2.44 taka for per SMS

JSC Result 2019 Chittagong Board Marksheet Download

JSC result 2019 Chittagong Board full marksheet published on their official website http://bise-ctg.portal.gov.bd/. Chittagong board result with marks download is also available on their website.


JSC <Space> CHI <Space> 813558 <Space> 2019 send to 16222.

The board of intermediate education, Chittagong started its journey on 1995. Under all examinee of Chittagong Education board is eligible to check exam result online in Chittagong Educational Board official website bise-ctg.poral.gov.bd.

JSC result 2019 Jessore Board With Marksheet and Number

Jessore Board JSC result 2019 with full marks published on their official website http://www.jessoreboard.gov.bd/.


JSC <Space> JES <Space> 835587 <Space> 2019 send to 16222.

There total 8 general boards that have their official website but the Jessore Board website is best than any other educational board website. Because Jessore board website design is actually good and easy to you www. JSC result 2019 Jessore board marksheet with a number. You need just put your roll number on the Jessore board official website. If you want your result with marks then you also put your registration number with roll number. Or follow the above SMS process to get the result of Jessore board marksheet with the number.

JSC Exam Result 2019 Comilla Board With Number

Comilla Board JSC Exam result 2019 published today at their official website http://comillaboard.gov.bd/result/jsc


JSC <Space> COM <Space> 1135587 <Space> 2019 send to 16222.

The Comilla Education Board established in 1962 which is under East Pakistan. Comilla board Higher Secondary Certificate result with download full marksheet number you will get online, SMS process and Android mobile app. For check www.comilla board Jsc result 2019.com with mark sheet number, you need 1st visit comillahboard.gov.bd site. Then put your roll number on the site. If you want your result with marksheet then you need also your registration number. Comilla board result is also available by SMS and Android App. Comilla Board SMS process we describe above. To get the 2019 Comilla Board JSC exam result by the Android app you need to download the “BD Result Official App”. You can download the “BD Result Official App” from google play store.

Barisal Board JSC Result 2019 With Full Marksheet

JSC result 2019 Barisal board published on their official website http://www.barisalboard.gov.bd/


JSC <Space> BAR <Space> 201364 <Space> 2019 send to 16222.

www.JSC result 2019.com Barisal Board increasing day by day. www. Jsc exam result 2019.com Barisal Board result.com published on their official website barisalboard.gov.bd. Barisal Board result with full marsheet download is also available. Just put your roll with registration number, you will get your Jscexamresult with marks and number. Follow the above SMS process it is easy than the online process.

Sylhet Board JSC result download 2019 With pdf file Marksheet

JSC Result 2019 Sylhet Board with marksheet published today at their official website http://sylhetboard.gov.bd/


JSC <Space> SYL <Space> 768932 <Space> 2019 send to 16222.

JSC Result 2019 Sylhet Board with marks and number also published on the same date 23 July. Like all the education board Sylhet board result 2019 will be found on Online, SMS and Mobile Android App. For online check, you need to only or roll number. If you want to check Sylhet Board Jsc result with marksheet 2019 then put also your registration number on the form. Sylhet Board SMS process now I describe. Firstly type JSC <space> 1st there letter of Sylhet Education Board (SYL) <space> your Jsc roll example 5273683 <space> passing year 2019. After complete all send an SMS to 16222, you will get your Sylhet board result. To check Sylhet Board result by Android app you need to download “BD Result Official App” from google play store.

JSC Result 2019 Rajshahi Board With Marks

The Rajshahi Board JSC result with marksheet 2019 will be published on their official website today. Rajshahi Board website link http://www.rajshahieducationboard.gov.bd/.


JSC <Space> SYL <Space> 345687 <Space> 2019 send to 16222.

The Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, Rajshahi which was established while East Pakistan times in 1961. The examinee of Rajshahi Board is eligible to check their Junior Certificate Result 2019 at www.rajshahieducationboard.gob.bd. You can also check the Rajshahi Board result in SMS process. For SMS type JSC <space> Sylhet Board 1st three-letter <space> roll number <space> and send it 16222. You will instantly get a back SMS that is your exam result.

JSC Exam Result 2019 Dinajpur Board With Markssheet Download

Dinajpur Board JSC Exam Result 2019 BD published by their official site today. Dinajpur Education Board official website link http://www.dinajpureducationboard.gov.bd/


JSC <Space> DIN <Space> 235587 <Space> 2019 send to 16222.

JSC Exam result 2019 Dinajpur Board marksheet download is available on online in www.dinajpureducationboard.gob.bd. The Board of Intermediate Education, Dinajpur started its journey in 2006. Last year 70.43% of student passed in Higher Secondary Certificate exam result under Rajshahi Board. The number of GPA 5 is 2395 which is below the previous year 4474 GPA 5. TO check the Rajshahi education board by SMS type the above SMS process.

JSC Result 2019 Madrasah Board With Full Marksheet Download

All the Madrasha (Alim) Board students find their result of JSC Madrasha Board by Madrasha Board Official website http://www.bmeb.gov.bd/


JSC <Space> MAD <Space> 1135587 <Space> 2019 send to 16222.

The Madrasah Education Board established on 27 February 1978 by the President of the people’s Republic of Bangladesh. Madrasah Board Alim result is equivalent to the JSC examination. Madrasah Board JSC result 2019 which will be published on the same day 23 July 2019. Under Bangladesh Education board Madrasah board/alim result is announced. JSC result 2019 Madrasah board is available on online in Madrasah board official website www.bmed.gov.bd. You can also check JSC exam result 2019 Madrasah board by SMS

Technical Board JSC result 2019 download pdf With Marksheet

All the students of the technical board find their technical board www.JSC result 2019.com by their official website http://www.techedu.gov.bd/


JSC <Space> TEC <Space> 435587 <Space> 2019 send to 16222.

The technical board students, guardians, and relatives can check the JSC result 2019 technical board with marksheet. To check technical board results by the internet is a way to find technical board results. Firstly you visit the technical board official website www.techedu.gov.bd. Technical board JSC exam result 2019 is also available by roll number SMS. To check technical board result the process is type JSC <space> TEC <space> year 2019 and send it to 16222.

JSC Result 2019 GPA ( Grade Point Average ) System

Letter Grade Marks Grade Point
A+ 80-100 5
A 70-79 4
A- 60-69 3.5
B 50-59 3
C 40-49 2
D 33-39 1
F 0-32 0

The division System is outdated. Now, a public exam result publishes a GPA (Grade Point Average) system. In this year Bangladesh’s education board also published all the subject theoretical, MCQ and practical numbers differently. The SSC student 2019 got their theoretical, MCQ and practical number differently. So, anyone can download his/her JSC result 2019 Bangladesh with full mark sheet. The download system is easy. For download, you need just print the result. the print option will be given below the result.

Download result 2019 Marksheet Number Download

Bangladesh Education Board takes a new decision that now they show marksheet number all public exam results. The Education board decision is workable from 2019. In 2019 a public exam already went. We saw that last SSC exam results 2019 were published with full mark sheet download. To get your results with marksheet you may need your registration number. SSC exam result 2019 marksheet was available when any students put their registration number with his/her roll number. Otherwise, he/she got their results only GPA point.

Marks Distribution Of JSC Exam 2019 Bangladesh

The authority of the education board has changed the marks distribution of J.S.C exam. Every student should know about the mark distribution of the JSC examination.

JSC equivalent exam 2019 new syllabus and mark distribution structure have been finalized by NCBT ( National Curriculum & Textbook Board ).

2019 JSC exam there was 70 marks on the writing side and 30 marks for the MCQ side. Before a few years of the JSC exam, there were 60 marks for writing and 40 marks for MCQ. In the 2019 Jsc examination their increase 10 marks for the writing section and reduce 10 marks for MCQ.

The English subject mark distribution is unchanged. There are 60 marks for the reading side and 40 marks for the writing side.

In the writing section, there are 10 marks for a paragraph, 7 marks for completing history, 5 marks for writing a letter, 10 marks for question graph analysis and finally 8 marks for summarizing the passage. The English subject is the end.

Thus those subject has 10o marks and has a practical number that’s subject marks distribution is different than other subjects.

In a practical subject, there are divide the number into 3 groups like theoretical, MCQ and practical. For the theoretical section, there is allocation 50 marks, 25 marks for MCQ and 25 marks for practical.


In Bangladesh Education System there are arranged 4 public exams. The 1st public exam is PSC ( Primary School Certificate ). In PSC exam their participate class 5 students. The P.S.C exam also knows as Somaponi. The j.s.c exam is the second public exam in Bangladesh. In J.S.C (Junior School Certificate) exam their Participate class 8 students. After the JSC exam is ended the students finished his/her Primary school level education. Then He/she will admit himself in higher-level education. SSC exam is the 3rd public exam and it is the start of secondary level education. Finally, comes to the last public exam Result HSC. In the H.S.C exam ( Higher Secondary Certificate ) their attend Xii students.

If any problem to get your JSC result 2019 Bangladesh then please comment below. Our team will try to help you.

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